Established in 2004, FEPI is the European Federation of regulatory bodies and competent authorities for nursing.

 FEPI’s primary aim is to protect European citizens by securing excellence in:

  • nursing competences and practice
  • professional standards
  • continuous education and training
  • codes of conduct

 FEPI seeks to achieve public protection and patient safety by being:

  • An advocator of patient safety to the European Institutions
  • A promoter of nursing excellence and public protection both at national and European levels
  • A source of information to nursing professionals, policy makers, consumers, educators and researchers
  • A networker of international organisations, academia and policy makers
  • A point of reference to any interested party that is seeking realiable data on nursing regulation across Europe

 FEPI’s areas of expertise and activity are :

  • Policy development at European level with a focus on patient safety and public protection across the internal market and beyond (advocacy action and political positions)
  • Active participation and positioning with regard to European legislation in the field (EC directives and regulations)
  • Data gathering and dissemination of issues regarding registration, fitness to practise, codes of conduct at European level (set up of European database of nursing regulators)
  • Support of self-regulation practice in those European countries where the area needs development (transfer of good regulation practice)
  • Promotion of continuous nursing education and training in line with European Life Long Learning policies

 The objectives of the FEPI are supported by the following activities:

  • The establishment of synergies and relationships of mutual benefit between Members;
  • Building relationships with the political and administrative bodies of the European Union as well as national and international organisations in the social and health sectors;
  • The communication of information, proposals, results of studies, research, etc.. on the same issues;
  • Periodic conferences, seminars and meetings on the objectives of FEPI;
  • The creation of newspapers or magazines in order to communicate scientific information to Members;
  • Participation or creation of other entities essential to achieve the objectives of FEPI.

Our members are divided into three categories : 

  • Members
  • Observer Members
  • Associated Members

General Assembly (G.A.)

Supreme body of the F.E.P.I., the General Assembly aims to takes guidelines and elects the Executive Board among its members for a term of 3 years. Only full members have a voting right. Associated and Observer Member may attend, but without voting right.

Executive Board (2013 – 2016)

Executive Board aims to achieve the objectives set by the G.A. for one year. Moreover, the Board is given the widest powers to carry out all acts of administration or stipulations which affect the association.

Mrs. Dragica Simunec


Mrs. Dragica Simunec President

Mr. Mircea Timofte


Dr Gennaro Rocco


Mr. Lampros Bizas


Mr. Didier Borniche


Mr. Ciro Carbone


Permanent body present in Brussels, the General Secretary is composed of a Senior Policy Officer and a Policy and Press Officer. They handle the day-to-day actions required from a European association. Policy Advising, Lobby actions are among those operations.